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This website is no longer updated, we refer to SourceForge.

Welcome to the Gubed PHP Debugger project.

Gubed is a cross platform program to debug PHP scripts. For a general overview, see the About section, for a more technical description, see the documentation.

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Current version: 0.2.2

Currently working on: Better security and improving Quanta support

2005-07-11 - Gubed 0.2.2 released. Mainly bugixes in this release.

2005-07-05 - Quanta SVN was recently updated to support Gubed 0.2.x, and a suitable package was released as well.

2005-06-30 - A support forum for Gubed was just launched, you'll find it at

2005-06-20 - Ewald Kicker's Quanta+Gubed tutorial is now also available in to German .

2005-06-15 - Ewald Kicker's Quanta+Gubed tutorial has been translated to dutch by Fabrice Mous

2005-04-28 - Gubed 0.2.0 released.
Main highlights are full Windows support, better documentation and cleaned up user interfaces.

2005-04-22 - Ewald Kicker wrote a very nice tutorial on how to get started with Gubed and Quanta , check it out!

2005-03-10 - Gubed 0.1.4 released and Firefox extension made public

2005-01-19 - A couple of days ago Gubed got it's first donation, many thanks to Tim Martin for his encouragement!

I'd also like to take the opportunity to remind you NOT to put your Gubed directory available on public webspaces! Since Gubed has code to scan and examine php files on your system, anyone with access can read any php files your webserver can read! Including configuration files with passwords in them!

Either block external addresses, or turn authentication on for your Gubed webspace!

2005-01-05 - Added a page about the proxy to the documentation article (formerly 'Technical overview')